May 2020 - Spanish Fork Happenings

7-11 is scheduled to open at the end of this month on the corner of Canyon Road and Main Street.

Sophos Survival has opened on 244 N Main Street.  They specialize in emergency preparedness and self-reliance supplies.

The state has started the expansion of center Street at highway 6.  The pumps at Fast Gas will be relocated to accommodate the widening of the road.  There will also be a pedestrian tunnel under HWY 6 to allow for an easier crossing of that busy intersection.

The city is continuing to offer their “Stay Safe, Stay Home, Clean Up” initiative with dumpsters in 5 locations until May 11th.  It is free to dump unwanted items that you would normally put in your garbage bin.  Please do not dump hazardous chemicals.  Check out the city’s website for more information. 

The intersection at 800 N and 800 E is being reconfigured as they build the In N Out shopping area.  It will be a “High T Intersection” similar to the one by Kneaders.  It will also be programmed to work in conjunction with the highway 6 traffic light so there will not be traffic backed up into that intersection.  See the picture below for more information.

UDOT and SF city are changing the intersection of highway 51 and 400 N to a roundabout.  Construction will start at the end of this month and should be completed before the end of August. 

The intersection of highway 6 and 800 N will be expanded as you drive westbound down the hill towards I-15.  Right now there are two lanes that go west through the light on highway 6.  It will expand to 3 lanes through the light and a 4th lane to turn right from the highway onto 800 N (or Expressway Lane) by McDonalds.  No word on when that project will begin.

In other surrounding cities, Maverik gas station has opened in Mapleton at 1600 S and the old Mapleton highway.  In Santaquin, Macey’s grocery was announced and is currently being built.

I take a lot of time to keep current on what’s happening in Spanish Fork.  I spend even more time keeping tabs on what is happening in the real estate market in Utah and specifically Utah Valley.  COVID-19 had temporarily slowed the market (less showings while rules were implemented for everyone’s safety).  But since the middle of April, showings have spiked once again and the market is stabilizing.  There is still a shortage of homes in Utah.  If you are struggling to make payments, you can still sell and get the equity out of your home.  I am happy to discuss what your home could sell for and answer all your questions regarding the real estate market.  Contact me on my FB or IG pages or give me a call. 

Some clarification…I get my information from valid sources (Spanish Fork city, the company themselves, etc).  If I am uncertain, I will call the public relations manager at SF city.  So 100% of my information is from reliable places.  That being said, companies change their minds.  Take Walgreens on the corner of 1000 N and HWY 6.  They almost completed the building before pulling out of the project.  Be aware that sometimes things happen and what was announced doesn’t come to fruition.  Given the state of our economy, businesses coming to Spanish Fork may or may not happen.  I do not have any information at this time to counter what I have already announced in previous monthly posts but it is something to be aware of.  Thank you!