June 2021 - Spanish Fork Happenings

The Community Health & Wellness Fair will be Saturday, June 19th 10am-1pm at the Sports Park.  Many resources will be available in addition to a fun walk/run, activities, food, and prizes.

With the current extreme drought situation, the city has water conservation ideas in their newsletter that can be viewed at www.spanishfork.org  As of right now, the city is not planning on any water restrictions and relying on citizens to be smart with their water usage.

Many new businesses are in the works here in Spanish Fork.  The process to open a business here isn’t as simple as you may think.  There are a lot of discussions and thoughts put into what they look like, parking situations, even the plants in the area.  With that said, a few that look promising to pass all final requirements from the city are: 

  • Popeyes
  • Handel’s Ice Cream
  • The Buckle

Once these are finally approved through the city, I will post about their locations and opening dates on my page.  

Old Navy has their decals on the windows but still no sign as of this newsletter.  They are in the TJMaxx shopping center on Canyon Creek Parkway.

In Springville, Twisted Sugar is planning on opening this month and will be located near Orange Peel in the Walmart shopping center.

In real estate news, things are slightly slowing down with a lot more inventory coming on the market.  Slowing down doesn’t necessarily mean “cheaper”.  More inventory means naturally having less offers on every home because there are more homes to put offers on. All forecasters in the real estate world see the market leveling out but not tanking like 2008.  But when we level out is anyone’s guess!  In 2008, lenders allowed stated income loans and we had too much inventory.  Things are drastically different now and our market reflects that.  We are lacking inventory (“they” say we’re about 2 years behind demand) and covid has allowed many people to work from anywhere.  That has people from all over the US moving to other locations to be closer to family or in more ideal areas.  Love it or hate it, this is our real estate market.  It’s vital that you have an agent that has a pulse on what’s happening and keeps tabs in this ever changing market.  I’m ready to answer your questions and strategize what is best for you.  My job is to educate my clients and help you come to your own conclusions for your situation.  Give me a call…I’m here to help.